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Xephor Solutions is a fast-growing startup based in Vienna, Austria. Our mission is to create the most sophisticated Artificial General Intelligence in the world and to help our customers to become innovation leaders in their field.

Xephor Solutions GmbH was founded 2012. We are an innovative startup and develop Artificial Intelligence technologies to save costs for our customers and minimize their risks in everyday’s business. Our B2B-customers come from different sectors and have different challenges which we solve.
Especially we love to overtake use cases where conventional AI-solutions are failing!

Our internationally diverse and professionally complementary team has different backgrounds, ranging from computer science to economics and mathematics. We have more than 20 years experience in Software-Development and work on innovative solutions in Artificial General Intelligence since many years.

Our team members worked previously in IT, risk management, banking and industry and have large experience in established companies as well as in innovative startups. Therefore we combine the innovative power and speed of the startup world with the quality and accuracy of established companies.

All our team members share the same vision and are convinced to serve our customers through developing the world’s best Artificial General Intelligence technology, created exactly for their needs.


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Xephor Solutions GmbH

Konstantin Walz-Gasse 37
A-3002 Purkersdorf (Vienna)
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