Essentially as it is a general-purpose system it can be used in all companies, from varying industries, that rely on IT systems. There is no additional programming necessary as it is a ready to use software!

Training of the AGI-Brain

The software works in three steps to evolve and fulfil its purpose:

In the first step, the real user (employee) acts as a ‘teacher’ for the software to learn its initial tasks. The real user is communicating with the software embedded virtual user (artificial brain) to feed it the required information on tasks that need to be performed. This includes both delivering commands to the software as well as the software ‘observing’ the actions the real user performs on the computer.

In a practical sense, this means that the software can be considered to take the role of a new unexperienced employee, who needs to be taught their role and responsibilities and the tasks they will need to perform. In the case of Xephor Solution, the virtual user not only gets input from the real user, it is also observing what the real user is doing on their computer, meaning the software learns through the real user’s behavior.

In the second step, after the virtual user has learned from the real user, it can be creative in the same way as human beings are, and becomes autonomous in the tasks it learnt. The virtual user can improve its performance and eliminate any mistakes the real user made, based on its ‘thinking’ process. During this process the system sends random tensors into the neural networks, where the tasks it has been trained in are memorized. With that, the various output data are created:

With that, the brain looks for the optimal strategy to solve occurring problems just like a human being would do it. Through these simulations it can generate new output.

In the third step, after a period of learning (depending on the complexity of the tasks) the virtual user can work completely autonomously, which means that it is able to assess the environment and decide which action to execute and how to do it to achieve optimal results. Due to its ability to be creative it can react to every kind of new situation in real-time.

The whole training and interaction with the system is in natural language – neither technical know-how nor programming skills are necessary!

Market & Model of Cooperation

Our market is every sector, where you need creativity, highly skilled workforce and/or results, which should constantly improve.

We are working with cooperation partners in several areas:


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