Xephor Solution is a cutting-edge Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology able to develop creatively and perform intellection tasks typical to humans. Xephor Solution can independently structure and analyze huge volumes of data or just few data at high speed and provide creative outputs. It is the only AI-technology worldwide which is 100% European origin and IP and the only working AGI worldwide.

                              Types of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Intelligent systems:
    Ruled-based software: consisting of a database, a certain number of rules and a control system, which picks the suitable rules for the current problem case. Base of expert systems (if-else-sentences ->cognitions through analogies). Computer isn´t able to learn autonomously.

  2. Machine learning:
    Logic reasoning (IBM Watson): Rules are extended through logical terms and therewith the database is enlarged. Hidden-Markov-models (HMM) e.g. Siri: Relations are produced through statistics (probabilistic induction). Bayesian networks: Calculation of complex probabilities of former known results for further results.

  3. Deep learning:
    Inductive learning: Use of rules of generalization and specialization; valuable training data must be available. Reinforcement learning: Through trial and error worthwhile actions are found: trying -> response -> optimal strategy! Neural nets are working with transition probabilities (e.g. Google Deepmind): Artificial neurons with different connections and weights which are changing while learning.

  4. Machine thinking (Xephor Solutions) AGI:
    Network of neural nets. Replica of the human brain in an anatomical and functional way. Formation of hypothesis through neuro simulations with stochastic learning. New ideas („creativity“) and the ability to act to unforeseen situations are produced.


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